Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Beautiful Home

There is a plot of land 105 acres about a half mile down the road from my mother's house. In this shot you can see one of the many old abandoned barns on the property. I am very interested in the possibility of purchasing around 30 acres of this land and maybe refurbishing the barn as a country home as it is in solid shape and on a good foundation. There are over 10 other abandoned barns on the property that could also be rebuilt into guests houses, dance halls, etc. The downsides to this land is that it is not waterfront, but it is across the street and about 5 minutes on foot to water. The desirable barn is right on the road which is also less than perfect, and the previous tenant seemed to run a tractor repair shop so there may be some oil spillage, or machinist oil sunk into the soil that will need cleaning.

Otherwise, it is a very exciting piece of property!

Carolina Barn Storming

I wanted to post some images of my recent adventure in the wilds of the North Carolina country. In this neck of the woods, there are plenty of old abandoned barns to be explored . . .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beautiful Land

So this is the prettiest piece of land I have seen so far in Eastern North Carolina. It is gorgeous, untouched land, 282 acres of it, the eastern edge saddles right up to Blounts Creek, the same beautiful waterway where my mother owns land . There is this lovely old barn, no doubt abandoned from a previous era that sits in pastoral grace beside a large tree, see above!
There are two blasted problems here: 1. The land is not for sale, and 2. it is owned by a doctor of internal medicine. I believe that this doctor either plans on building his dream retreat here or holding it for investment purposes, in any case, he is educated enough to know the value of this property and wealthy enough not to need to sell it. I believe I will nevertheless contact him , to politely inquire into this parcel of land. I wouldn't usually go to such ends but I got that feeling when I drove down the road and saw this, that feeling that says, 'this is it!' . So I will write him just to follow my instincts.
The useful bit of information for you all is that there is this wonderful website in Beaufort County, NC that lists every parcel of land, its acreage, its estimated value, and its owner - a testament to the efficiency of North Carolina's local government. So you all can search from whatever computer terminal you wish all over the world for land with me in Eastern Carolina, the site is

open to suggestions and advice, happy Valentine's day!

much love,